Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to Consistently Patchy!

Hello everyone!

My name is Douglas and I am so excited to have the opportunity to join the bloggy quilty community! I hope you are interested in: (1) peeking over the shoulder of a new quilter, and (2) sharing your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and encouragement.

I started feeding my quilty curiosities in November 2011.  No one was all that surprised; a year earlier it was photography, a year before that was cross-stitching and painting.  You could say I have diverse interests!  After borrowing my so-sweet-mom's Bernina Nova, taking a quick trip to the library, and searching high and low for a new hobby teammate, I convinced myself I was going to do it.  Finding another curious mind to join me was a little more difficult than expected; my 30-something guy friends weren't interested at all, go figure.

Feeling a little lonely at the prospect of tackling a new art all by myself, I casually mentioned the endeavor to my uncle.  Surprisingly, he was all too eager to learn with me!  (He's also a Douglas; sometimes we call him "U.Doug" to minimize confusion.  I'll do my best to work him into the blog rotation, but I'm not holding my breath.  Did I mention we also call him "Gruncle Doug?"  It has a zesty European ring to it, and it is a lot nicer than "Uncle Grumpy.")

I purchased all the supplies I needed to get started with quite a bit of help from my sew-friendly A.Cheryl.  Who knew it would cost so much to get started!  (if I knew at the time how expensive this new love would cost me over the long haul, I may have given up then and there!!)  For those who are interested in getting started, in a subsequent post I plan on sharing the list of supplies I acquired first.

I'll share a few firsts, with more details to follow later:

~first set of pieced half square triangles~

~first completed quilt, er...technically a comforter I've been told
Chatterbox pattern from "Dare to Be Square" by Boo Davis~

~first machine quilting~

I hope this has given you enough information about me and the purpose of this site to get us started on the right foot :-)  In the coming posts, I plan to share more stories about my first projects and spotlight some blogs that have provided the most instruction/inspiration for me.

I look forward to sharing with you, learning from you, and who knows, maybe even provide encouragement to someone who has yet to take their first stitch!



  1. A new quilter!! Always great. Welcome to the KCMQG. Hope to meet you on Thursday. Should be a fabulous meeting with Jacquie. Expensive hobby, yes, but aren't they all? So gratifying to wrap your hobby around you!